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About Us

Making Milestones is a pediatric therapeutic facility that was created by two therapists, Robin Bump, a Physical Therapist, and Lori Golden, a Speech Language Pathologist, in September 2002. Robin and Lori have created a fun environment where children can have their therapeutic needs met by caring and knowledgeable therapists. Making Milestones offers Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), and Speech and Language Therapy services for children with special needs. Some of their specialties include Sensory Integration, Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delays, socialization issues, articulation, and handwriting.

Choosing the right therapeutic environment for your child is a very important decision. Lori, Robin and their team pride themselves in treating the children that come to Making Milestones like their own.

We are adhering to the required CDC protocols, to ensure prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our Services

All the Services Your Child Needs in One Convenient Location. We provide Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy to children in the NYC Metropolitan area.  We service children through Early Intervention (Ages 0-3 years old) and private pay for all ages. For information regarding Early Intervention Services, please read below.  Making Milestones is considered out of network for most insurance carriers (ie. Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Oxford).   

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for infants and toddlers with special needs. Children with diagnosed conditions that lead to developmental delays (such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, etc.) are eligible for the EIP. Children with no diagnosis who have delays in development may be eligible for the EIP if their delays are serious enough. 
If you have concerns about your child’s development, you can call the Early Intervention Program by calling 311 and you will be guided to the EIP. Someone else (ie. you child’s pediatrician) can help you make the referral to the Early Intervention Program if you wish. If your child is found to be eligible for services by someone approved to perform this evaluation, you, county staff, and other team members will make a plan to help your child – and your family. 
Early intervention services in your plan and authorized by the county are provided at no cost to you. The county will arrange for the services to be provided and will choose the provider based on the needs of your child and family. Your child’s health insurance may be used to cover some of the costs. All other costs for EIP services are paid for by your county and New York State. 
Early intervention services are provided where it’s best for the child – in places such as your home, day care, or other community settings (ie Making Milestones). The EIP covers the cost of early intervention services only. The EIP does not pay for day care or other fees charged by community settings. Making Milestones is approved by New York State and has a contract to provide the following early intervention services:  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. All of the providers that service children through EIP are approved as a provider of EIP services and under contract with New York State to deliver EIP services. 
For more information, this Parent Guide to Early Intervention is helpful.  https://www.health.ny.gov/publications/0532.pdf

Our Specialties